Eldon grew up & started playing guitar at age 18 in Brandon, South Dakota. He proceeded to assemble various bands throughout college at Mankato State University.

After graduating with a marketing/management degree, he toured & played throughout the country in several dance/variety bands until he came back to Sioux Falls and joined the re-forming Wakefield in 1987.

Crash Alley was born a few years later & Eldon toured full-time and started to develop his chops in earnest with this project. He won the honor of “Most Improved Player” at a local music store during this period.

After a brush with Atlantic Records & a few other major labels, Eldon retired from the road in 1996. He continued with several part-time bands including the award-winning original project, Jerkstore, a Disco Tribute act called The Glory Holes, and an original project named Goodroad. In 2000, Eldon became a founding member of the Jukebox Zeroes, which recently released a double disc & who continue to play club dates throughout the area. In 2009, Eldon was asked to join an existing rhythm section that soon developed into a 3-piece band called Ramrod Hamster which continues to play clubs throughout the area also.


Partial Discography:

1988 – Floor It! (5-song cassette)

Crash Alley:
1990 – Crash Alley
1991 – Loud & Ugly
1993 – The Lost Sessions…
1995 – Swag

1998 – Jerks Rule! (Featured on Sci-Fi Ch.’s TV Series “First Wave”)
2001 – Circus Therapy (Metal Album of the Year 2002)
2003 – Fade (Metal Album of the Year 2004)

2006 – Lonely Trip
2008 – Detour

Jukebox Zeroes:
2012 – In Gratia

Electric Christmas:
2003 – Vol. 1 (Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth)
2004 – Vol. 2 (Do You Hear What I Hear?)
2012 – Vol. 3 (White Christmas)

Electric Christmas Volume 3

White Christmas – Eldon Fisher

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Electric Christmas Volume 2

Do You Hear What I Hear – Eldon Fisher

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Electric Christmas Volume 1

Little Drummer Boy – Eldon Fisher

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